how to decorate tiles in the bathroom

How to Decorate Tiles in the Bathroom to Create an Eye Catching Design

Tiles are a popular choice for bathrooms because of their durability, range of colors and styles, and ease of cleaning. Whether you’re redesigning an existing space or creating a new one from scratch, decorating your bathroom tiles can make a big difference in achieving your desired look. Here are some tips for decorating bathroom tiles that can help you bring your vision to life.

The first step when decorating your bathroom tiles is to choose the right type. Consider factors like size, color, and texture. Also, consider what type of effect you want; for example, if you’re looking for a more modern vibe, consider using large-format tiles with a glossy finish or glass accent tiles. Once you’ve settled on the right tile style and color, it’s time to move on to the fun part: decorating!

Whether you go DIY or hire a professional, there are many creative ways to dress up your bathroom tiles. Paint, stencils, and decals can create interesting patterns and designs. For added visual interest, you could also jazz up plain subway tiles with mosaic accents or opt for textured tile options like penny rounds or hexagons. Whatever direction you choose, make sure the tile decorations coordinate with your bathroom’s color palette and style for a cohesive look. You can transform your bathroom into an inviting spa-like oasis with creativity and attention to detail.

Do you need a little inspiration to get started on your tiling project? If so, look no further! We have compiled a collection of ten inspiring examples of decorating with tiles that range from classic to modern. From patterned tile floors and walls to colorful accents, these examples demonstrate the many ways that tiles can be used to transform any room.

How to Choose the Right Tiles for Your Bathroom

Selecting the right tiles for your bathroom can be challenging and time-consuming. With so many different types of tiles available and various levels of protection, quality, and design, it’s important to consider your options before making a purchase.

The first step in choosing the right tile for your bathroom is to assess your needs. Consider the amount of traffic in your bathroom, the level of moisture, and any areas that might need extra protection. This will help you decide which type of tile best suits the environment.

Next, decide on the tile size you would like to use. Generally speaking, larger tiles require fewer grout lines which may look more aesthetically pleasing with fewer breaks in pattern. However, if you have a small space in which you’re trying to fit tiles, smaller tiles might be better for you.

Then, pick the type of material for the tile. Ceramics is a popular choice because it is durable and easy to clean. Natural stones are also popular, as they come in various colors and textures. Finally, porcelain is known to last longer than other types of tile.

Finally, pay attention to the finish of your tiles. If you want a glossy finish, opt for glazed tiles; if you prefer an earthy look, then unglazed tiles are also an option. It’s also important to purchase tiles with high slip resistance, so floors are less likely to become slippery when wet.

By considering all these factors, you can choose the right tile for your bathroom that meets your style and functionality needs. With careful research and planning, you can select flooring that lasts and gives your bathroom a beautiful look for years to come.

Seven Creative Ways to Decorate with Tiles

Tiling is one of the most popular home decoration choices due to its ease of installation, durability, and affordability. Whether you’re looking for a subtle addition or a more elaborate design, here are seven creative ways to decorate with tiles.

  1. Accent Wall: Create a unique feature wall in your living space using statement tiles such as geometric patterns, bold colors, or textured finishes to capture the eye and make a striking visual impact.
  2. Backsplash: In the kitchen and bathroom, tiles can create a backsplash that protects walls from splashes and spills in high-traffic areas. Choose tiles in any color, texture, or size to give your space a custom look.
  3. Floors: Ceramic tile floors lend an easy-to-maintain, durable surface that is resistant to water and heat damage. Additionally, it can be designed in vibrant patterns and styles to create any aesthetic you desire.
  4. Countertops: Tiles are ideal for countertops in bathrooms and kitchens because they are easy to clean and durable. Choose between small mosaic tiles or larger format designs to get your desired look.
  5. Outdoor Spaces: Tile is an ideal choice for outdoor patios, walkways, and pool areas because it’s highly resistant to weather conditions like sun, wind, and rain. Select various sizes, shapes, materials, and colors that blend with nature for a one-of-a-kind look in your backyard.
  6. Borders: A simple border of tiles around a monochromatic wall can give your room a stunning border treatment that adds style and character with minimal effort.
  7. Furniture: Get creative by adding tiles to furniture such as tables, chairs, and cabinets for added dimension. Use colors or textures that contrast or coordinate with the existing design of your home for a unique look that stands out from the crowd.
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DIY Projects to Refresh Your Tiles

DIY projects can be a great way to refresh the look of your tiles. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom, kitchen, or entryway, there are plenty of creative and cost-effective ways to revitalize your space.

Painting is one of the easiest (and least expensive) DIY projects to give your tiles a new life. Choose a color that complements your existing tile design, or opt for something entirely new. Apply a few coats of paint, let it dry, and you’re set!

Adding decals is another great way to refresh your tiles. Decals come in various designs, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits the style of your room. Whether you choose something geometric or playful, decals are an effortless way to add personality to your tiles.

If painting or decals aren’t your things, why not try stenciling? Stencils allow you to create intricate designs and patterns on your tiles. Pick one that reflects your style, and give it a go!

Lastly, you can refresh your tiles by updating their grout. Grout can easily become discolored over time, so give yours a refresh with some bleach and scrubbing. If you want to make a statement, why not try grout paint? Available in many colors, it’s sure to give your tiles the new look you were after.

No matter which DIY project you choose, refreshing your tiles will surely upgrade your space. Have fun and get creative with these simple projects!

Tips for Enhancing Your Bathroom with Colourful Tiles

Adding colorful tiles to your bathroom can give it an instant facelift. Here are some of the best ideas for using colorful tiles to enhance the look of your bathroom:

1. Use a Tile Backsplash. A backsplash is a great way to create a unique style statement in your bathroom. You can use a patterned tile or a solid color to give your space a touch of color.

2. Install a Tile Floor. Tiled floors are a great way to give your bathroom an updated look without breaking the bank. Choose from various colors and patterns to find the perfect style for your space.

3. Create an Accent Wall. An accent wall made from colorful tiles can instantly brighten the space if your bathroom is dull. Choose bright colors and patterns that contrast the main colors in the bathroom for maximum impact.

4. Select Colorful Accessories. Accessories like soap dispensers, tissue holders, and towel bars can be found in various colors and styles. Choose pieces that match or complement the tile colors in your bathroom for a unified look.

5. Add a Colorful Shower Curtain and Liner. A shower curtain with colorful tiles adds a lot of visual appeal to the bathroom. Choose linens in coordinating colors, or select ones that match the tile colors in the room for extra depth and interest.

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These are just a few ideas for using colorful tiles in your bathroom. Get creative and use different colors, patterns, and accessories to create the perfect look for your space!

Creative Ways to Lay Tile in a Bathroom

Tile is a great way to add texture, color, and style to any bathroom. It can also make a bathroom look modern and luxurious. Here are some creative ways to lay tile in your bathroom to make it look even more amazing.

One option is to create a fun mosaic pattern. This might involve arranging tiles of different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures in an intricate pattern or design. Doing this adds interest to the walls and the floor and can make a statement in your bathroom.

Another creative way to lay tile is to create an accent wall. Accent walls can be used in any house room, but they’re especially popular in bathrooms because they instantly make a room look more dynamic. Consider using tiles with interesting patterns or colors that complement the rest of the room.

Another way to lay tile is by using different shapes. This could mean laying square tiles in a diamond pattern or using rectangular tiles to create a checkerboard effect. This tile layout can add visual interest and character to any space.

Finally, consider laying the tiles diagonally instead of straight across the walls and floor of your bathroom. This will give the room a modern, updated look, as well as make it appear larger than it is. It’s also a great way to add depth and dimension to your bathroom design.

These are just a few creative ways to lay tile in your bathroom. With so many options available, you can find a layout that suits your style and adds pizzazz to your space.

How to Lay Patio Tiles in a Bathroom

If you’re looking to improve the aesthetic of your bathroom, laying patio tiles is a great way to achieve a modern, stylish look. Patio tiles are easy to install, and the result can be quite impressive. With the right materials and patience, you can lay patio tiles in your bathroom to create a unique and beautiful space.

First, ensure you have all the necessary materials for the job. You’ll need some mortar, grout, a trowel, a leveler, spacers, a tile saw, a notched trowel, a wet saw for cutting tiles, tile adhesive or thin-set, and plastic sheeting.

Before laying your tiles, ensure that the surface you are working on is perfectly clean and dry. Use a grinder to create an even base for the tiles if necessary.

Once your work area is prepared, and all the materials are ready, start laying the tiles. Start by spreading a layer of mortar across the surface with a notched trowel. Make sure to spread it evenly with your trowel to cover the entire area.

Once the mortar is set and dry, it’s time to start laying the patio tiles. Start in one corner and work your way across the room. When you come to a wall or an obstacle, use a tile saw to cut around it accordingly. Use plastic spacers between each tile to create uniform gaps and ensure they’re level.

When your tiles are laid down, you can fill in the gaps with mortar. Make sure to press the mortar into all the gaps between the tiles so that it covers each one evenly. Use a wet cloth or sponge to wipe away any excess mortar before it has time to dry out.

Finally, when everything has dried up completely and most excess mortar has been removed, mix up some grout and spread it across the surface with a trowel. Wipe away any excess grout with a damp cloth and allow everything to set overnight before using your newly installed patio tiles in your bathroom.

Updating Your Bathroom with Trendy Tiles

Are you looking to update your bathroom with something that is both functional and stylish? Look no further than trendy tiles! Tiles are a great choice to help you create a modern and stylish look in your bathroom that you can enjoy for years to come.

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When choosing the right tiles for your bathroom, there are many options. Ceramic tiles are an excellent choice because they are both durable and stylish. They come in various colors, patterns, and sizes, so you’ll surely find the perfect tile for your bathroom. Porcelain tiles are also great for bathrooms because they are waterproof, long-lasting, and look great when glazed or textured.

You can also add texture to your bathroom by installing wall and floor mosaics. Mosaics come in various colors and styles, so you can choose a design that reflects your style. For an extra touch of luxury, consider adding glass or metal tiles that will give the room an elegant feel.

Another way to modernize your bathroom is to install natural stone tiles such as marble, granite, or travertine. These tiles provide a timeless look with their subtle colors and natural textures. You can use natural stone on both floors and walls for a unique look.

No matter what type of tile you choose, ensure it is installed properly and sealed regularly so it will last for years. With the right tiles, you can transform your bathroom from drab to fab in no time!

Ten Inspiring Examples of Decorating with Tiles

Tiles can be a great way to add style, texture, and color to any room. You can transform a dull-looking space into something extraordinary with the right mixture of tiles. Here are ten inspiring examples of decorating with tiles that will help elevate your home’s look.

  1. For an artistic approach, use multicolor tiles in a mosaic pattern on the floor or wall. This kind of creativity can create an eye-catching feature in your space.
  2. Incorporate tiles into your kitchen backsplash to give an updated look with a splash of color. You can choose different materials like glass or ceramic tiles in various sizes and shapes for a unique touch.
  3. Create an interesting feature wall with decorative tiles in intricate patterns and designs. Use walls as canvases to express yourself with bold colors and shapes.
  4. Tile your bathroom walls with vibrant hues to help make the space look larger and brighter. Choose from various materials like ceramic, porcelain, or stone to make it your own.
  5. Use rustic subway tile in your entryway or hallway to give a timeless feel to your home. Choose subtle tones and sturdy material for a classic look that will always stay in style.
  6. Go for an industrial vibe using geometric tiles with strong lines throughout your kitchen or bedroom. Combining shapes, textures, and sizes can make any room look modern and stylish.
  7. For a touch of luxury, try marble tiles in the bathroom or hallways for an elegant feel throughout the home. The natural stone will instantly create a more sophisticated atmosphere.
  8. Add a little drama using patterned tiles in the living room or dining area. Choose bold designs like floral motifs or geometric shapes for an instant wow factor!
  9. If you want to spruce up your kitchen but avoid using large wall tiles, try small accents instead! Place hexagonal or penny-round tiles around the counter or sink for a subtle yet stylish touch.
  10. Give any room character by layering different types of tiles to make unique combinations! Mix and match contrasting materials like terrazzo, cement, and marble for an eclectic look that’s sure to be one-of-a-kind!


Decorating tiles in your bathroom can be a great way to add style and character to your space. Tiling can be a daunting task for some, but with the right materials, knowledge, and techniques, it is possible to create a beautiful and functional bathroom.

The first step to decorating your tiles is to choose a style and color scheme that best fits your bathroom. Pick colors that complement each other and stand out in the space. You can also use textured tiles or different shapes and sizes to create an interesting and eye-catching design. Once you have chosen the tiles, it’s important to ensure they are properly installed. Allow plenty of dry time and ensure all the grout is sealed to prevent water damage.

Finally, when it comes to decorating your tiles, there are numerous options available. Consider adding accent pieces such as tile stickers or metallic decals for an eye-catching touch. You can also use tile paint to spruce up old tiles or mix up different patterns for a unique look. You can easily transform your bathroom into an inviting and stylish space with the right materials and tools.

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